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    Commission type Flat Rate
    Base commission $20.00
    Additional terms Gardencup pays a flat fee of $20 for each new-customer sale referred by affiliate partners (net of refunds or cancellations).
    Become a Produce Partner to help your audience #EatMoreProduce without the effort!
    (and make $25 a pop in the process)

    We're on a mission to make clean eating so easy it's unavoidable. How? By sending garden-fresh salads, bowls, and produce right to your door, ready to eat, every week (or two). The best part... ZERO EFFORT required. Who knew clean eating could be so easy!

    COMPENSATION: make $20 cash for each new Gardencupper you send our way + $50 store credit for every 10.

    If you generate 50+ sales and want to turn up the heat on our relationship (i.e. post regularly and eat LOTS of free gardencups), you may qualify to become a Power Partner with upfront retainers.

    GIFTED FIRST ORDER: build your own 6-pack fully refunded after your first 5 sales hit.

    CONTENT: you're free to create whatever content you like! Whether it's an honest review, simple lunch pics, how it works reel, problem/solution video, or a candid talk on how gardencups have improved or simplified your own wellness journey... we want you to be as REAL as our food! (for best results, post at least twice with a combo of stories and reels Sat-Mon).

    Thank you so much for becoming a Produce Partner. You are SO appreciated and SO vital to our mission of breaking down the convenience barrier to nutrient-dense, whole produce.

    -Brad & Katie, husband/wife-too-busy-to-salad-prep founders
    [email protected]

    Gardencup pays a $20 commission for new customers referred that complete any subscription purchase. Commissions are distributed monthly net of refunds or cancellations. Attribution is tracked for 30 days. Approved marketing channels: social media, blogs, publications, direct network / email marketing. Coupon sites and competitive paid ads are prohibited.

    Gardencup collects only the personal information you enter into our signup form and at times references information or media in the public domain (i.e. Instagram posts) for the purposes of affiliate management. Your data will not be sold to any third parties. Gardencup cookies site visitors for the strict purpose of sales attribution.